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ACH-260 Two Zone Tower Ceramic Heater


Customize your comfort with Ambia’s ACH-260 which is truly two heaters in one. It works great as a single, vertical heater with a digital thermostat, but the real innovation is in the dual climate control modules. When separated each module has an independent digital thermostat so you can direct the exact level of heat wherever you want it. Also, the ACH 260 works stacked as one heater; tethered where the modules separate by up to 8 feet; or as two completely independent units. This unit has the ultimate flexibility and control to maintain your comfort.


  • Two modules that can separate up to 8 feet or plug in independently
  • 2 Precision digital thermostats for dual climate control
  • Tether cord can unplug for easier routing
  • Vertical design for narrow areas
  • 6 Level safety system
  • 1500 Watts